Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach
Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

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The training is tailored to suit each individual. Everyone is different so the goals will be different. My biggest aim is to get people to believe they can reach their own goal and achieve what they thought was out of reach for them, in a realistic way.


Some of my sessions are indoors, and some are outside.


I will write out programmes for individuals. These will be in an easy to follow format. They can each be tailored to do at the clients own home on their own as exercises will be with hand-drawn diagrams of “Bobs” doing the action, always smiling!


I have written many running specific programmes for all standards from 5K to marathons.

Sample training sheets

Contact me:

Clare Thompson





Have you got additional questions? If so, contact me I'd love to hear from you!


Tel: 07905 373803


You can also use the email form on the Contact Me page.

Trial Session

The best way to get to know me and find out how we can work together is a trial session!

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