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Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

About Yac-Yak

So people ask me, why Yac-Yak? I believe that the correct level of exertion comes when you are still able to chat - or Yak! So with my running group, we exercise at a level where everyone is still able to Yac-Yak!


I have a much more 'person' focused approach to my clients than many coaches as I prefer to work more individually with each client, rather than rely upon a gadget! My set-ups are not high tech but are easily understandable to everyone and each person's goals are for them as individuals. This means that my sessions will be all about YOU.


Over the years I have worked in several schools with children between the ages of 4 and 18, I have worked with clubs for children and adults, and also clubs that cater for ALL ages.


As a part of my background, I am a level 2 qualified Triathlon coach, an open water swim coach, a running coach, and also a gym instructor. I was the winner of "Coach of the year" in the local community.


My coaching style means that rather than relying on a background of sports qualifications, I rely on my experience and my proven hands-on approach.

The 3 Crazy Mares The 3 Crazy Mares

Charity and support events

I tend to get involved in some pretty crazy events for raising money for charity and especially MSUK where we have now raised over £20,000.


These challenges have included running the London Marathon carrying a Waitrose shopping trolley, Running London with a punchbag on my back and run/plodding coast to coast next to two friends on horseback in a team we called The 3 Crazy Mares!


  • Perhaps one of my greatest honors was carrying the Olympic Torch through Saffron Walden
  • I represented GB in my age group for Duathlon and Triathlon, competing abroad in European and World events
  • I was §National Champion in my age group for Indoor Rowing
  • I am the second oldest lady to get the Black T shirt competing in the  Noresman Xtreme Triathlon


Yac-Yakkers Yac-Yak

The Yac-Yakkers!

I have a ladies only running group which is an hour of “coached” running techniques for ladies of all ages and standards, currently with ages of up to 75 yrs. This is always run to YOUR pace and level but the technique is the same. We have a unique group of wonderful ladies who are simply brilliant at supporting each other. Many thought they couldn’t run – but you should see them now!


During school holidays, children of the “YYakers” are also welcome which can often result in some brilliant relays at the end of the session.


This is a great and safe environment for ladies of every ability to try running without fear of competition or embaressment.



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